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Friday, December 3, 2010

Flu Shots: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Children

Julie Bowen

Our guest blogger, Julie Bowen, stars in the acclaimed hit ABC comedy Modern Family as harried suburban mom “Claire,” opposite Ty Burrell and Ed O’Neill. She is also the national spokesperson for Faces of Influenza, a national influenza awareness initiative conducted in collaboration with the American Lung Association and Sanofi Pasteur.


It is stories like Lisa Amoroso’s that remind me of my responsibility to protect my children and myself during flu season

Last fall, Lisa, age 40 and a mother of three, thought she had a bad cold.  But when it got worse after a few days, Lisa went to the doctor and was rushed to the emergency room.  Her organs started failing and Lisa was put into a coma to help save her life.  An otherwise healthy and active woman, Lisa had influenza and was severely ill for several months.

Lisa survived, but had a difficult recovery. Now, she and I are among many people who have teamed up with the Faces of Influenza educational initiative to help raise awareness about the importance vaccination against this potentially deadly disease.

I want to do everything possible to be the best mom I can be, including protecting myself and making sure I’m healthy enough to be there for my kidsLooking out for my health has become as important as looking out for theirs — especially when it comes to influenza.  I would hate to think that something as easily preventable as the flu could keep me from my family.

That’s why I make sure we all get the flu shot every year.  By vaccinating, we take a simple step to help protect us against the flu, so we can get on with our very busy lives.

Learn from Lisa’s experience so you and your family don’t have to suffer the hardship that she and her family went through. Get vaccinated.

To read more about Lisa’s story and other Faces of Influenza, visit

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