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Monday, January 12, 2009

“Other” Carbohydrates On the Label

What Does It Mean, Exactly?

One of the WebMD visitors on my Healthy Cooking community board posted a great question:

“I’m a diabetic (type 2) and I need some information about total carbohydrates and what does it mean when the label says “other carbohydrates”?

I know all of these terms can be so confusing. Basically the total carbohydrates includes everything and then some labels will break that out into subgroups like:

  • Fiber grams (this is not digested and will eventually exit the body)
  • Sugar grams (includes natural sugars too in dairy, fruits, etc.)
  • “Other carb” grams

You’ll find that these three often add up to the grams of total carbohydrate. The category “other carbs” represents the digestible carbohydrate that is not considered a sugar (natural or otherwise). Some labels will also break out sugar alcohols. I always take a look for these because they give me intestinal issues even at low levels. But that’s another story (LOL).

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  • Posted by: Elaine Magee, RD at 12:40 pm

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