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Friday, July 30, 2010

Higher Omega-3 Milk

Coming to a store near you…

Smart balance Milks

Just when you started to get used to paying a little bit more for higher omega-3 eggs, here comes value added milk. The Smart Balance product line introduced specially fortified milk (all from non-treated rBST cows — no hormones added) in stores nationwide.
I tasted their fat free and low fat milk fortified with fish omega-3s and vitamin E. If you are looking for ways, other than through high-priced margarine, to add plant sterols to your daily diet, you might be more interested in their HeartRight fat free milk, which has natural plant sterols along with the fish omega-3s and vitamin E. It also contains 25% more calcium and protein than whole milk.

My first question was how much omega-3 are we really talking about…It looks like each cup contributes 32 milligrams of omega-3s. That’s not terribly impressive compared to 3 ounces of steamed salmon (which contains around 1300 milligrams) or half a can of albacore tuna in water (which contains around 800 milligrams.) But every little bit helps when it comes to omega-3s! If you drink three cups of low-fat milk a day, that gets you closer to .1 gram (or 100 milligrams) of omega-3s.

Smart Balance isn’t the only brand of milk pumping up the omega-3s. Horizon Organic brand now has DHA Omega-3 milk in low-fat and chocolate low-fat milk. The omega-3s in the Horizon DHA omega-3 milk comes from algae oil.

If you drink milk and you are trying to up the omega-3s in your diet, these fortified milks offer you another food source for them.

How are you getting your omega-3s? Share your comments with the Food & Cooking Community.

Posted by: Elaine Magee, RD at 8:51 am

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