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Monday, June 20, 2011

Have You Tried Meatless Monday?

vegetable wrap with watermelon

Thanks to Oprah and awareness campaigns that went viral, 50% of a nationwide sample of adults were aware of the ‘Meatless Monday‘ campaign, which encourages people to avoid eating meat one day a week to improve personal health and the environment. Of the people who had heard of the campaign, 27% said it had influenced their decision to cut back on meat.

Although Meatless Monday has become associated with climate change campaigns, there are plenty of other reasons to choose not to eat meat at least one day a week. Encouraging yourself to enjoy meatless foods on a particular day will expand your vegetarian horizons. You will likely try dishes that you would not have tried otherwise.

Here’s another bonus to eating meatless sometimes…I think eating meat a little less often makes you enjoy meat more when you DO have it.

At least half my meals are already meatless and I genuinely enjoy creating and trying meatless dishes. Here are 10 of my favorite meatless entrees:

  • Falafel in a whole wheat pita with hummus and tahini
  • Eggplant Parmesan or eggplant napoleons
  • Whole wheat pasta with roasted vegetables and pesto
  • Caprese sandwich (fresh mozzarella, tomato and/or roasted red pepper, fresh basil or pesto and balsamic vinaigrette on whole grain ciabata roll (or similar)
  • Tofu vegetable fried rice (made with brown rice)
  • Spinach quiche or sundried tomato and basil quiche
  • Tofu chili
  • Tofu & vegetable curry over steamed brown rice
  • Avocado and cucumber sushi rolls
  • Spinach and mushroom omelets

If most everyone would make this small change, it could have a big impact on our health and potentially the environment over time.

If you have started having Meatless Mondays, tell us how it is going and what impact it has it had on you and your family.

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Posted by: Elaine Magee, RD at 7:30 am

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