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Monday, October 27, 2008

Changing Seasons – Comforting Images

Well the summer is gone and fall has arrived. Some areas are experiencing that all too unsettled feeling when the seasons change and winter is around the corner. For some the temperature fluctuations can bring on cluster headaches. And the cold can often be felt right straight to the bones of folks who suffer arthritis.

During this time of added stress for many who have experienced financial upheaval and other stressful times, it is especially important to take care of yourself. Be sure to eat right and get rest. And if you begin to notice symptoms of a cluster, see your doctor and get on your meds promptly. It is easier to break a cluster if it hasn’t lasted too long. Be kind to yourself. Take one day at a time. Seek out the help and support of others if you need to.

During this time of year many folks are preparing for winter – plastic on the windows, furnaces checked and fireplaces stoked. Thinking of images that bring comfort and warmth can be soothing during cold or stressful times. Maybe you can create some comfort images to add to your pain management tool box. Let’s see how many we can gather. Post your comfort images on either my pain management or migraine message boards here on WebMD and let’s see how many we can collect!

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Posted by: Indie Cooper-Guzman at 8:30 am

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