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    February 11, 2013

    Be My SWEETheart

    by Tracy Jensen

    Brace yourselves. This week is the big day, and there is no doubt that your child’s classmates will be sharing the love. For many kids, the love will come in the form of candy treats. Believe me, my girl likes to give the valentines that come with candy, too, because they are popular! But this year we selected gel window clings for the girls and scratch-art sports cars for the boys.

    This year, I want to challenge YOU to think outside the box of chocolates. I’ve been combing the Internet for ideas to either substitute candy with a healthy treat or a fun craft. I found some great ones that I’m sharing on Pinterest! Another way to cut the calories is to bring a healthy platter of fruit and cheese cut into heart shapes to the party instead of the usual cupcakes or cookies. It’s amazing how many ways you can use a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

    I’m also sharing a blogging mom’s collection of cute ideas to get you started. But tell us YOUR ideas to make your child’s Valentine’s Day sweet with less sugar!

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