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February 28, 2013

Cardio Kick-off For Kids

by Hansa Bhargava, MD

I saw a child in my office the other day who was having problems focusing in the classroom. As we talked, her mother stated, “But you know what? When she comes back from gymnastics, she seems so much sharper and is able to do her homework quicker.” So can exercise help kids focus?

There have been several studies showing that exercise can help adults focus and also puts them into a better mood. And a small study published last August in a pediatric journal showed that just 20 minutes of exercise helped kids perform better at reading and math. Because of studies like this, some schools such as Cliff Valley School in Atlanta have initiated a program called Cardio Club to start the day.

In this free program, kids arrive 30 minutes before school and rotate through stations that focus on cardio and core strength exercises. Great exercise, fun, and focus for the day — what’s not to love?

Have you heard of any school programs that help kids tune in to the day with movement? How else could we fit some exercise into our children’s day?



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