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    February 20, 2013

    Hold the Sauce

    by Tracy Jensen

    One of my friends has two boys — one who eagerly eats anything offered, and one that is quite a bit pickier. She cooks with an Asian flair, and he is constantly turning his nose up at her stir-fry dishes. But more recently, I noticed her holding out a few veggies and some of the meats to serve unseasoned.

    I wondered, if a child prefers his food plain, is he a picky eater? And is it wrong to encourage that? Well, maybe not, according to one dietitian and mom blogger.

    She recommends preparing the same foods you are cooking for your family, but if a child would like those foods served plain, it’s OK to accommodate that. By paying attention to how your child likes his food and giving him healthy food his way when possible, your kid gets a chance to eat and enjoy more foods.

    Occasionally, I have thought a dish was too spicy for my child, so I gave her serving a quick rinse in a colander to tone it down, and amazingly she loved it!

    In what ways are you making your meals more “kid-friendly”?

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