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March 29, 2013

To Clean or Not to Clean Your Plate

by Tracy Jensen

According to one BlogHer Mom and dietician, recent studies indicate a relationship between an old-school parenting policy and obesity rates in adults. This comes as no surprise to me. At my home, as a child, I can remember many a dinner that lasted for over an hour, as the wait went on for me and my brother to “clean our plates.” To this day, I still occasionally find myself thinking about starving kids in Africa as I finish the last (and perhaps unnecessary) bite.

I’ve never really given much thought up until now about how this affects how I handle things as a parent. But looking at it critically now, those endless meals of my childhood probably influenced my stance on plate-cleaning with my child:

Take what you want, try something new, eat until you are full.

How are you handling portioning as a parent? Is it different from how you were raised?

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