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    April 10, 2013

    It Takes Two

    by Tracy Jensen

    Another busy week, and I’m running to pick up my daughter from school. A friend calls and asks if I want to join her at the park with her kids and I say yes. It’s the first nice day of the year and the park is crazy, so we meet up at her house to make a plan.

    The “plan” starts to falter when we start chatting and the kids get into a video game. But somehow, since we are together, and we committed to go outside, even though we’d rather sit on the couch and talk, we muster up the drive to find some waterproof shoes, pails, and nets for the kids, and head over to the creek at a nearby land preserve.

    The kids romp around in the creek, get muddy, collect creatures with their nets, and have a good old time in a way that reminds me of my youth. My friend and I watch the fun from the bridge, walk the dog, feel the sun on our backs, and do the catching up we might have done on the couch if we hadn’t pushed each other to get up and go.

    In the same way that a “workout buddy” can get you into the gym, finding a “get outside buddy” can also keep you motivated to go outdoors and play. I am sure that day at the creek might not have been as fun for me, or lasted as long, if I hadn’t had my own friend along. Because sometimes it does take two to make a plan and stick to it!

    Who is your favorite “go out and play” buddy?

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