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    April 23, 2013

    Name That Ingredient

    by Tracy Jensen

    There is SO much buzz about food labels lately. Everywhere you turn — on Facebook, on a news site — a variety of words I had never heard as a child are being tossed around: GMOs, gluten-free, artificial sweeteners, and the definition of “milk.” It is, to say the least, a little overwhelming.

    Even first lady Michelle Obama recalled in a recent interview her own experiences as a working mom, and the frustration of trying to decipher labels while you are dashing through the store in between work and picking up the kids, trying to make the best choices in a hurry. That is my life every week, which is why we probably eat nearly the same stuff every week – I’ve already deciphered those items!

    I came across this video on the FIT site recently that is geared for teens, but I found it very helpful in trying to figure out what a product is all about in a hurry — I mean, at least fast enough to get me to the carpool line on time.

    What do you think about food labels? How do you make sense of them?

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