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    May 1, 2013

    Dying for a Home Cooked Meal

    by Tracy Jensen

    I read this blog post recently that asks the question, if you love your kids and would lay down your life for them, why won’t you cook for them? I think I know the answer. Not only would we die for them, but we will also sacrifice our own lifestyles for them, work like crazy to provide for them, and overcommit to make sure they are able to participate in cool, stimulating stuff like sports, music, dance, and even robotics.

    But these things come at a cost. And many times, the price is a home-cooked meal. So we do our best, and at the end of the day, you just can’t beat yourself up about whether or not you were perfect in every aspect of parenting. You just get up the next day, and try harder.

    I will say that this writer has a good point about the lack of home economics class in schools today, and the effect this may be having on a society that forgot how to cook. When I was a kid, I clearly remember the girls and boys donning aprons and cooking eggs together in middle school. So what ever happened to home ec? Possibly another casualty of educational budgetary constraints.

    Here is my challenge to you: Pull your kids into the kitchen to help you cook a meal. If you can make this a weekly tradition, maybe it kills two birds with one stone – teaching your kids some basic kitchen skills and producing a home-cooked meal.

    Do your kids typically help in the kitchen?

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