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    July 11, 2013

    Sleeping In

    by Tracy Jensen

    Summer is in full swing. My daughter embraces the long days, late nights, and lazy mornings about as fully as any kid on school break. On the weekends, I really appreciate this fact. Getting to sleep in occasionally is a rare treat, and this summer schedule is making it possible.

    But my daughter is dyslexic, which means summer is not all fun and games. She has to attend an intensive educational camp, which started up last week right after she returned from a week at scout camp. Can you say “rough mornings”? After a week of rising early to get to reading camp, the next Saturday afternoon my 10 year old — get ready for it…

    … voluntarily took a 2 and a half hour nap.

    She took another one (this time at my insistence) before she took off on a late-evening flight to visit family. After two naps in a week’s time, I think I’ve learned a couple of things: one, that she seems to know herself well enough to have some input on what she needs as far as rest; and two, that we probably should turn the bedtime clock back a little closer to the “normal” time in the summer.

    This article has some tips on how to keep your kids rested during the summer. But I want to know what you do differently at your home when it comes to kids, summers, and sleep?

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