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    August 30, 2013

    Just for Fun

    by Tracy Jensen

    I’m sure you’re scrambling around this week trying to make sure the kids are all set to head back to school. Supply lists and backpacks and new shoes, making sure they’re geared up for the big day … It can be really stressful for parents. And I am sure kids can pick up on some of that angst, too.

    But there is a certain amount of good excitement about new beginnings and all: unsharpened pencils, fresh crayons, picking out a lunch box with a fun character on it. What will they wear on the big day? That can be the fun part.

    Back to school season has also become a part of our cultural language. Every store has a big theme or display. It is just about as big as Christmas, in terms of being a retail “season.” But there are also tons of fun things you can do that aren’t so commercial to celebrate what I like to call “the most wonderful time of the year,” and to take the edge off of the stress part.

    I found this fun blog post that has a bunch of really cute ways to get kids excited about the big day, from manicures mimicking pencils, to fun things to pack in lunchboxes, to a first-day-of-school time capsule. My daughter and I have a tradition of taking a “first day” snapshot, which we’ve kept up since kindergarten. Check out my collage of a few of them in our Instagram feed.

    What fun ideas or traditions do you have that you’re sharing with your kids for the first day of school?

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