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    October 16, 2013

    A Campaign for Carrots

    by Tracy Jensen

    As part of her campaign for improving the eating and fitness habits of American kids, first lady Michelle Obama reached out to marketers, advertisers, and manufacturers of unhealthy foods, urging them to market responsibly to kids. She did praise some media companies for doing a good job of showing popular characters eating healthy.

    She also encouraged food manufacturers to market products with better nutritional value. But in the war on junk food, can food companies and marketers really make money on healthier foods? Because really, the healthiest foods are fresh fruits and veggies, and the best drink is water.

    It’s too bad, really, that carrots and apples don’t really have big marketing firms coming up with clever ads for them. I sort of remember how when we were kids, there were ads for raisins, eggs, milk — random grocery items. Where did they go? Does broccoli need a better agent?

    Probably the best marketing team healthy foods could have is us – parents. We can stand up for the underdogs of the supermarket. We can make fruit fun. We can help broccoli improve his image (read his tell-all interview here). There are plenty of good ideas to make healthy eating appealing to kids here on Raising FIT Kids, but Pinterest and other parenting blog sites have plenty of inspiration, too.

    And if you have great ideas of your own to share, bring them here. Tag your Instagram pictures of healthy and fun foods with #Fit4Families and we may feature them here. What ways have you been able to make healthier foods exciting to your kids?

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