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    October 23, 2013

    Halting the Halloween Hoarding

    by Tracy Jensen

    Costumes, decorating, pumpkin carving, crafts — Halloween may be one of my favorite seasons. But as with many things in this American life, it tends to get out of hand, especially as it relates to healthy eating. I was having a coffee the other morning with my blogging partner, Dr. Hansa, and we got to chatting about the “candy crush” that comes with this time of year. We each had some interesting ideas on how to limit the Halloween hoarding:

    Get Pinteresting
    The events leading up to the big day, and the trick-or-treating parties on Halloween, give us an opportunity to load up on treats before the candy even hits the bag. So why not try to take the temptation out of the pre-event noshing by getting creative with healthy Halloween-themed snacks? There are tons of fun ideas on sites like Pinterest, and I’ve even collected a few of my favorites on the WebMD Raising Fit Kids & Fit4Families board to get you inspired.

    Fill ‘Em Up First
    Trick or treat only last a couple of hours, and it’s really tempting to hurry off and hit all the best houses before they run out of candy or it gets too dark, but take time out to fuel up the kids (and yourself!) before you head out. Eat dinner first, and it will be less tempting to dig into the candy as you go.

    Divide & Conquer
    When you get home, make it part of your ritual to sort the candy out into ones that your kids love, and ones they could pass on. Decide to give away or sell back the less desirable treats, and set boundaries on how much should be eaten in a day. My family does this, and after a couple of days, somehow the stash gets put in a cabinet and my daughter forgets about it. This reminds me: It’s probably time to toss out last year’s uneaten candy hiding in the pantry!

    What tricks or treats do you have to make your Halloween a little healthier? Tell us your ideas in the comments, or share with us on Instagram by tagging your spooktacular fun with our hashtag #Fit4Families.

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