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    July 1, 2014

    Kids + Summer = Weight Gain

    by Mary Jo DiLonardo

    How healthy is your family in the summer? New research from the CDC looks at why kids often gain weight during summer vacation versus the school year. Some of the reasons could be:

    • Less activity: In summer, some children sit around and watch TV or play video games instead of going to team practices, taking part in PE classes, or at least being active with friends.
    • More unhealthy snacks: There’s no pantry filled with chips and cookies at school.
    • Boredom: It can be tempting to hang out on the computer or watch movies, and eat junk food when kids can’t think of something better to do.

    Plus, a lot of children don’t have the healthy breakfasts and lunches that they might usually get at school.

    Where does your family fit on the healthy summer spectrum? It might be a good idea to check out what’s in your pantry, maybe cut up some fresh fruit and veggies and put them right up front in the fridge so it’s what your kids see first when they look for a snack.

    And try organizing some active outings for the whole family. Hiking, biking, swimming, and walking are all great ways to keep the summer fun and keep your family moving.

    Need help getting started? Here are 5 ideas for family fitness.

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