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  • Helen Pina

    Helen Piña

    Helen Piña has lived with chronic atopic dermatitis (eczema) and skin allergies for most of her life. She's committed to offering support, advice, and compassion to fellow eczema fighters through her Itchy Pineapple blog. Piña is married with two young children and is a marketing leader in the B2B tech industry. She lives in Houston, TX.

  • Vineet Khanna

    Vineet Khanna, MD

    Vineet Khanna, MD, has had eczema for as long as he can remember. A musculoskeletal radiologist, Khanna has a keen interest in health care technology and medical research. In addition to clinical work, he serves as the chief medical officer of inference analytics and is researching novel ways to integrate pollution data science with clinical medicine. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.