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    5 Things You Can Do to Sleep Better During Cancer Treatment

    One of the really weird things about cancer treatment—and I’ve heard this from many, many other cancer patients—is that it makes you ...

  • 650x350_cancer-bravery

    One Mistake Made My Chemo Side Effects Even Worse

    I don’t know about you, but what scared me most about starting chemo was the side effects. The movies always make them look so awful -- I ...

  • 650x350_metastatic

    It’s Metastatic – Now What?

    For many people living with cancer, “metastatic” is a dreaded word. Hearing it means that cancer cells have broken away from the tumor and ...

  • 650x350_shaving-head

    Before You Shave Your Head to Show Support…

    I have a buddy whose teenage son is planning to shave his head. He has a good friend who was just diagnosed with lymphoma, and he wants to ...

  • 650x350_caregiver

    10 Tips for Tired Caregivers

    When someone is diagnosed with cancer, everyone in that person’s life is affected by the diagnosis – family members, friends, coworkers and ...

  • 650x350_Bald

    When Your Hair Doesn’t Grow Back

    A few months ago, Ami Dodson realized that it had been almost five years since she’d let anyone take her picture. Dodson was 35, married ...

  • 650x350_dinner-conversation

    Why Death Is Good Dinner Conversation

    All cancer patients know that there’s nothing like the words, “You’ve got cancer,” to make you think about death. It certain did me. When I ...

  • 650x350_Doctor-I-Read-on-the-Internet

    Should You Change Doctors?

    “I don’t really feel comfortable with my doctor.” I’ve heard a lot of fellow cancer patients and survivors say something to this effect. ...

  • 650x350_remission

    How to Live Well in Remission

    John, a young adult who had just completed chemotherapy for lymphoma, came to his talk therapy appointment with three questions written ...

  • 650x350_avoiding-topic

    The Topic You Shouldn’t Avoid

    For two years, Bob and Kelly had been extremely busy fighting Bob’s stage III colon cancer – night and day, 7 days a week. They’d spent ...


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  • Wendy Baer

    Wendy Baer, MD

    Wendy Baer, MD, is the medical director of psychiatric oncology at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Baer helps patients and their families deal with the stress of receiving a cancer diagnosis and going through treatment. Her expertise in treating clinical depression and anxiety helps people manage emotions, behaviors and relationships during difficult times.