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    Chronic Conditions

    When you’re living a different normal

    Why 'Gluten-Free' Doesn't Bring Freedom


    When you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, you’re told to eliminate gluten from your diet. Since gluten is the trigger causing all the trouble, the solution seems simple: cut out the gluten and your symptoms will vanish and you’ll be healthy. Easy, right?

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    Could Your Symptoms Be Celiac Disease?

    talking to doctor

    I know it seems strange that anyone would be happy to be diagnosed with a serious disease. But after you’ve been suffering with debilitating symptoms of unknown origin for years, finally knowing the cause can be a huge relief

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    Research in the Hands of Patients

    woman typing

    I was determined that my disease would never define me or take control of my life. I chose to fight back and I decided to use my experience to help others in any way I can

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    5 Silver Linings I've Found in My Condition


    Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the negative in having a genetic disorder/chronic illness. But, there are some silver linings too, and it can be helpful to remind myself of those from time to time

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    5 Lessons I've Learned on Disability Leave


    I suppose no one really plans on going out on disability, but I was shocked. I thought I’d have my surgery and then be back to work full time. Little did I know that that would NOT be the case

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