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    More Men Opting for Cosmetic Procedures



    A recent newspaper article discussed men’s changing attitudes towards cosmetic procedures. There wasn’t anything brand new in the men’s motivation department except that apparently men have become less reluctant to have procedures. This may be because of the exposure that cosmetic plastic surgery has had on national television recently.

    Because of reality-based cosmetic surgery programs such as Extreme Makeover and Dr. 90210, on which I was one of the initial ensemble members, people learned a lot about cosmetic surgery and much of the mystique was erased. On Dr. 90210, I performed a face and neck lift on a businessman. He was just trying to catch up with his wife because on an earlier season of the program, she had a chemical wrinkle removal procedure.

    One of the doctors in the article stated that “16% of those having cosmetic procedures nationally are men.” That may be a reasonable number and is higher than previously thought. I believe the reason is that there is an increased number of men choosing less invasive, nonsurgical procedures such as using fillers, i.e. Restylane, Juvéderm, Sculptra, Radius, Perlane and Botox or its cousin, Dysport.

    It makes sense that the nonsurgical treatments would be popular.

    Remember men are generally reluctant to have the world see any visible signs of cosmetic procedures. It is hard to completely conceal incisions, particularly in face and neck lifting, until those incisions mature, which takes several weeks. That alone will keep men from having these procedures. Men also are terrified of the possibility of being “overdone” and point to some celebrities who had unsuccessful cosmetic procedures such as Kenny Rogers, whose cosmetic surgery is recognized as “having changed his appearance too much.”

    It’s unfair to lose faith in cosmetic plastic surgery because of a few highly visible failures but I understand such concerns by both men and women. Frankly, had the procedures been done by more specialized and experienced surgeons — what we call the cosmetic plastic surgery superspecialists –  the results may have much more natural and the venture considered very successful. Bad decisions in surgeon selection easy to spot and difficult to reverse.

    All of the above considered, I believe it does make good sense for one to dip their toe into the water first, before diving in. Since the fillers and Botox and Dysport are temporary, there is little risk of long-term dissatisfaction. The cost is relatively reasonable and when appropriate and well done, the results can be quite satisfactory for men as they are for women.

    - Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

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