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  • Brian Brewington

    Brian Brewington

    Brian Brewington has been on the journey of addiction recovery since 2014 and was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder in 2019. A 34-year-old writer and freelancer from Philadelphia, his work has been featured in KEF Audio Magazine, and he runs the Journal of Journeys publication on, where his writing first became popular. Brewington still sees a therapist and attends 12-step program meetings regularly. You can read more from him here.

  • Katharine Hartleb

    Katharine Hartleb

    Katharine Hartleb was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2014, at age 16. She has a passion for helping others and plans on becoming a mental health counselor. Hartleb lives in Charleston, SC, and is a recovery coach at a substance use disorder facility. She is also a young adult presenter for NAMI, sharing her personal story. Connect with her through her personal Instagram and her kat4kindness Instagram.

  • Kristen Luft

    Kristen Luft

    Kristen Luft is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate who has been living with depression for nearly 8 years. She is currently the Engagement and Outreach Coordinator at her local affiliate of NAMI. Kristen is a mental health advocate and writer, sharing her story to offer hope that we can all live full lives in recovery. When she’s not working or writing, you can find her reading or spending time with her loved ones and dogs. Connect with Kristen on Instagram.