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    The Best Fruits When You Have Diabetes

    "I never eat fruit because it has too much sugar!" This is a common phrase I hear clients say, and, as a dietitian, it always leaves ...

  • couple holding hands

    In Sickness and in Health: A 'Thank You' to My Husband

    Romance arrives in many forms. Over our thirty-five years of marriage, my husband J. has bestowed plenty of tokens of his love ...

  • doctor consulting with patient

    What Diabetes Isn't

    Being diagnosed with diabetes can feel overwhelming. Your response may be disbelief, doubt, disappointment, or anger. Take time to ...

  • 650x350_gain-weight

    ‘I’m Addicted to the Idea of Losing Weight’

    New Year’s resolutions have always been a piece of cake for me: Simply take my resolutions from the year before – learn to meditate, write ...

  • cooked turkey on wooden table

    4 Tips for a Low-Glycemic Holiday

    The holidays are full of blood sugar-raising temptations. So, if you have diabetes, or are simply trying to be mindful of your blood sugar ...

  • feet with running shoes

    Group Exercise vs. Solo: The Balance That Works for Me

    Exercise experts often divide workouts between hard days and not so hard days – days when you push yourself to the limit, and days when you ...

  • woman thinking

    5 Risky Behaviors When You Have Type 2

    Everyone has some not-so-healthy behaviors, and thankfully, our bodies can be surprisingly forgiving – but only to a certain extent. When ...

  • luggage and sneakers by front door

    Enjoying Vacation While Managing Type 2

    Early this September, my husband and I boarded a flight to Milan, Italy. Our seatmate was the maître d’ of Galatoire’s, an excellent New ...

  • 650x350_accept-type-2

    How I Learned to Accept My Type 2 Diabetes

    This morning I went to my local hospital for blood tests. I wore my exercise clothes, because later that day, I would board my trusty ...

  • 650x350_summer-heat

    How to Handle the Heat With Type 2

    Two summers ago, I took a long powerwalk in 95-degree temperatures and high humidity. I arrived home with a backache, a stomachache, and ...


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  • Ilene Raymond Rush

    Ilene Raymond Rush

    Ilene Raymond Rush is an award winning health and science freelance writer. Based on her own experiences with type 2 diabetes, she brings a personal take and a reporter’s eye to examine the best and newest methods of treating and controlling the disease.

  • Anna Panzarella, RDN, CD

    Anna Panzarella, RDN

    Anna Panzarella, RDN, CD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a background in health coaching, disease prevention and management. She has been working in the corporate wellness industry for the past 4 years and helps others to actualize their personal health goals through nutrition education, counseling and goal-setting. Anna is also an ACE Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor.