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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Eye-Popping Party Trick

More and more people are asking me about eye-popping. This is a physical phenomenon wherein folks can relax their eyelids and eye muscles to the point that the eyeball prolapses out of the normal orbital space. Several patients of mine could pop their eyes. Some people are aware they posess this awesome super power and find a way to get themselves 15 minutes of glory on TV.

Click here to view a brief video of two eye-poppers.

Some people can roll their tongues, others can redirect milk from their mouth out through their nostrils.

Be careful of eye-poppers. There have been instances where the eyelids have slipped behind the eyeball and trapped it outside the orbit. Besides the discomfort caused by loss of moist blinking the blood supply to the eyeball can be compromised.

I remember my mother warning me about my humorous attempts to cross my eyes, “If you keep doing that they might just stay that way!” Yes, I stopped.

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Posted by: Bill Lloyd MD at 3:46 pm


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