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Friday, November 3, 2006

Cancer Warriors

Over one million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year. I mean real cancer, not superficial skin tumors like basal cell carcinoma.

Sadly, over half succumb to their disease but the numbers have been steadily improving. Survival data for breast and colon cancers are good examples. Lung cancer remains extremely difficult to cure.

My message today goes out to all active cancer warriors and their families. Regardless of whatever chemotherapy or radiatior treatment is being prescribed, make sure you receive ongoing comprehensive eye care during this critical period. Many of the drugs used to fight cancer can interfere with vision. Some drug metabolites accumulate in the cornea and retina. Specific chemo regimens can harm the optic nerve. Susceptibility varies from patient-to-patient.

There are always options. If one regimen causes too many problems the oncologist can adjust the treatment strategy. Beware, eye symptoms can be very subtle. Without knowing if chemo-complications have occurred permanent eye damage could develop. Routine eye checks can prevent such problems without jeopardizing the fight against the cancer. It’s a team approach and, for once in your life, everyone on the team is on your side.

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Posted by: Bill Lloyd MD at 1:24 pm


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