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  • girl with stomach pain lying on couch

    The Food Additive That May Be Giving You Gas

    Conventional wisdom is that the fewer food additives, the better. But sometimes those extra ingredients are designed to do something ...

  • Chinese Food

    Is MSG Really So Bad?

    Once considered a headache trigger dubbed Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, MSG provides more taste than salt alone, but is it safe?

  • celery juice

    Celery Juice: Are the Health Claims Real?

    Right now, social media is awash in photos of people with their celery juice. They claim that the green drink cured them of headaches, ...

  • eggs in carton

    5 Myths About Eggs That Just Won’t Die

    Eggs are one of the most affordable sources of high-quality protein (yes, even if you buy organic!). But there's a lot of lingering ...

  • 650x350_sugar-sub-2

    Is There Such Thing as ‘Healthy’ Sugar?

    For years, we’ve been hearing about the risks of a high-sugar diet. And while I’m happy that people are paying attention to their sugar ...

  • full_fat_dairy_650x350.jpg

    Should You Switch to Full-Fat Dairy?

    As a dietitian, I totally get why nutrition advice frustrates so many people-because sometimes it does a complete 180. Take dairy: For ...

  • 650x349_coconut-oil-lady-2

    How Healthy Is Coconut Oil, Really?

    Is it just me, or are the headlines about coconut oil enough to give you whiplash? Way back when, coconut oil was an artery-clogging public ...

  • 650x350_protein-powerhouse

    6 (Meatless!) Protein Powerhouses

    Protein is the nutrient-of-the-moment right now, thanks to the meat-heavy Paleo Diet trend. But there’s actually good reason to make sure ...

  • eggs

    5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Eggs

    Talk about a comeback. Once considered a nutritional no-no, eggs have now risen to coveted superfood status. Turns out, their bad ...

  • 650x350_pasta-2

    How to Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight

    Think potatoes, pasta, and bread are fattening starchy carbs you need to avoid if you want fab abs? Think again. Despite what the Keto diet ...


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  • Sally Kuzemcha

    Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD

    Sally Kuzemchak is a registered dietitian in Columbus, Ohio. An award-winning reporter and writer, Sally has been published in magazines such as Health, Family Circle, and Eating Well and is a Contributing Editor to Parents magazine. She is the author of the book The 101 Healthiest Foods For Kids. She blogs at Real Mom Nutrition, a “no-judgments” zone all about feeding families.

  • Gina Harney

    Gina Harney

    Gina Harney is the blogger behind the healthy lifestyle brand, The Fitnessista, which reaches millions of viewers all over the world. She’s been featured on Greatist, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Shape, Fitness Magazine, and Well + Good. She’s the author of “HIIT It! and the voice behind the Healthy In Real Life podcast. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.