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  • Man hates vegetables

    How to Eat Healthy When You Don't Like Vegetables

    We’re all familiar with the image of the freckle-faced kid who refuses the bite of broccoli. But the truth is, some people never outgrow ...

  • Spaghetti

    No, Pasta Isn't Bad for You

    For something so universally loved, pasta has been awfully villainized. It’s branded as nutritionally empty, blamed for unwanted pounds ...

  • potatoes

    Potatoes Are Making a Comeback

    Some nutrition advice is like nails on a chalkboard for me. “Don’t eat anything white” is high on that list. It’s shorthand for “don’t ...

  • Cauliflower

    Cauliflower Craze: Is There a Downside?

    “If cauliflower can somehow become pizza, you can do anything” goes the popular quote on social media. It’s funny because it’s a bit ...

  • fresh produce

    A Fitness Trainer's Hacks for Including More Fresh Produce

    Most of us are juggling so many responsibilities, it can often be a tremendous feat to make a meal, let alone pay attention to all of the ...

  • pumpkin seeds

    What Is Seed Cycling?

    They may be tiny, but seeds are huge on social media right now. Seeds like pumpkin and sunflower are being touted as the newest natural ...

  • salt shaker

    Why This Nutritionist Doesn't Worry About Salt

    My grandma used to hide the salt shaker when we came over for dinner. She knew my dad would sprinkle it over whatever he ate, and ...

  • natural flavors concept

    'Natural Flavors': What a Nutritionist Wants You to Know

    “Natural flavors” – they’re in your can of cherry sparkling water, your carton of berry yogurt, your glass of fruity tea. They're one of ...

  • Kiwi

    6 Reasons to Love Kiwi

    They add a splash of bright green color and a sweet-tart zing to your fruit salad. Here are six more reasons to put this small, fuzzy ...

  • blueberries

    5 Super Fruits of Summer

    Where fruit is concerned, summertime is practically an embarrassment of riches. With so much produce hitting its peak in the summer ...


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  • Sally Kuzemcha

    Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD

    Sally Kuzemchak is a registered dietitian in Columbus, Ohio. An award-winning reporter and writer, Sally has been published in magazines such as Health, Family Circle, and Eating Well and is a Contributing Editor to Parents magazine. She is the author of the book The 101 Healthiest Foods For Kids. She blogs at Real Mom Nutrition, a “no-judgments” zone all about feeding families.

  • Gina Harney

    Gina Harney

    Gina Harney is the blogger behind the healthy lifestyle brand, The Fitnessista, which reaches millions of viewers all over the world. She’s been featured on Greatist, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Shape, Fitness Magazine, and Well + Good. She’s the author of “HIIT It! and the voice behind the Healthy In Real Life podcast. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.