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    A Vibrating Fork for Slower Eating


    Are you eating too quickly?

    Most of us probably aren’t sure. “Too quickly” conjures up images of competitive eaters frantically downing hot dogs. But there’s a difference between insane gorging and simply rushing a bit too much during a meal. And, as numerous studies have shown over the past several years, eating too fast can lead to poor weight control. Enter the HAPIfork, a first-of-its-kind, Bluetooth-enabled smart fork that keeps track of each motion from plate to mouth.

    Take more than one bite per 10 seconds and the HAPIfork’s indicator lights and “gentle vibrations” let you know you’re eating too fast. Writer Marissa Rothkopf Bates, who reviewed the utensil for Newsweek, described the vibration as “a short, intense buzz – what I imagine it must be like to kiss a light socket.”

    Other reviewers have heaped praise on the device, noting that their meal times did increase with the use of the HAPIfork and its constant reminders to slow the heck down. The utensil, which sells for $ 99, was also featured on as one of three gadgets “that lead to a happier, healthier life.”

    The Wellness Agenda on also allows users to track such activities as hours of sleep per night, exercise, relaxation and “taking time to focus on the positive moments that happen to you daily.”

    But can you truly train your brain to eat at a certain pace? O Magazine’s health editor Jihan Thompson says yes: “With every subsequent meal, it became easier to pace myself – and realize I didn’t need as much food to fill me up.”

    HAPIfork also comes with a carrying case so folks can take it with them out to eat.


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