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    5 Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

    woman with sunscreen

    Summer is great – vacation, a more flexible schedule (hopefully), dinners al fresco, fewer clothes, and more skin!

    We want our summer skin to be smooth, even in color, touchable and great looking. Instead, we often end up with cracked feet, sunburns, uneven tan lines, and sun damage. And, sometimes, even worse – rashes, bites, and weird-looking self-tanner.

    To avoid these pitfalls, and get summer skin that’s worth showing off, pay attention to these 5 skin essentials:

    1. Take care of your feet. Get that pedicure, but you can also ask your doc about using a prescription urea cream (40% urea, like X-Viate) — it works really well to smooth those heels.

    2. Stay safe in the sun. Use the expensive high-zinc (10-18%) sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. You can use the drugstore stuff on the rest of your body, but be sure to reapply – don’t let yourself burn.

    3. Smooth skin all over. You can do this in the shower, but it’s more effective in a bath:

    • Put 2 cups of Epsom salt or other mineral salts in a warm – not hot – bath and soak for 5-10 min
    • Scrub your body with your favorite salt or sugar scrub, using moderate pressure, and rinse
    • Apply a gentler facial scrub on your head and neck area
    • Use a long handled, natural bristle brush for your back
    • Dry off and lotion everywhere, preferably with a lotion or body oil that has natural oils in it

    4. Even-out your self tanner. Do a scrub before you self-tan! If at home, follow the directions above including the lotion and then wait 10 minutes before you use the self-tanner. You know where those spots are that pick up extra color, so as soon as you get the tanner applied all over, use Q tips and some alcohol to the spots where you don’t want the extra color. If you are getting sprayed, use a spot of petroleum jelly on each of those areas just before the spray.

    5. Avoid weird tan lines. If you use your sunscreen, you really shouldn’t have these. But if get them anyway, then cover up more with a cute summer shirt, a rash guard, a wetsuit, or swim tights.


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