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  • man in doctors office

    Prostate Problems to Watch Out for as You Get Older

    As men age, they are more likely to look at travelling as a series of restroom stops. Heading to the grocery store or to a friend’s ...

  • older man with doctor

    5 Alternatives to the PSA Screening Test

    Men can’t afford to be in the dark about the state of their prostate. It’s estimated that the average American man has a one in nine chance ...

  • 650x350_When-to-See-Urologist

    When to See a Urologist

    Jim, a 48 year old cop, went to his primary care doctor because he saw blood in his urine after a vigorous work-out. At the time of his ...

  • hand holding blood sample

    PSA Blood Tests

    For years I have been talking about the relative inaccuracy of the PSA blood test. Yet I still believe it continues to save tens of ...

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