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  • Man outside smiling

    How Stepping Outside Could Change Your Day

    When my three young kids are at each other’s throats, sending them outside to play is one of the most reliable ways to make the fighting ...

  • active brain illustration

    12 Subtle Signs of Anxiety

    When you think of anxiety, you probably imagine the most obvious signs: sweating nervously, feeling agitated, worrying nonstop. But anxiety ...

  • sad woman illustration

    8 Signs You Lack Emotional Intelligence

    Intelligence isn’t just about being book smart. In recent decades, psychological research has revealed that emotional intelligence (EI) can ...

  • photo of therapy

    How to Choose the Right Type of Therapy for You

    For many, the world of psychotherapy is an unknown, and it may feel foreign and intimidating. If you are considering therapy, you may ...

  • sad woman illustration

    Yes, Mental Health Days Are Actual Sick Days

    One of my worst depressive episodes happened in 2016. I was going through a huge amount of personal stress. I’d just left a 14-year ...

  • unhappy couple

    5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

    Even the best relationships have their tough moments. In my own life I’ve gone through hard times with my parents, brothers, and spouse ...

  • woman decorating for xmas

    'Early Christmas Decorating Makes You Happier' - Really?

    Early Christmas decorating seems to divide the country as starkly as politics or cilantro. (Full disclosure: I prefer to see—and hang ...

  • list

    How to Make a Better To-Do List

    Like most people (including me), you probably rely on a list to keep track of tasks you need to complete. To-do lists can be incredibly ...

  • tools

    Depression Workarounds: 8 Hacks That Help Me

    Depression is exhausting. There’s the physical fatigue, of course (made worse by depression-related insomnia), but there’s also the

  • depressed woman illustration

    7 'Shoulds' That Feed Stay-at-Home Mom Depression

    If you’re a mom who stays home to care for your kids, you know that full-time parenting can take a toll on your well-being, no matter ...


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