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  • photo of men hugging

    How to Truly Forgive Someone

    Truly forgiving means we no longer hold the offense against a person who wronged us. But, forgiving in this way can be difficult.

  • covid holidays

    How to Handle the Holidays When Your Family Doesn't Agree on COVID-19

    During the holidays, conflict with family can arise on a number of topics, including COVID precautions. Find out how to navigate the season.

  • Upset young woman

    Is Fear Keeping You in a Situationship?

    Somewhere between hooking up and being in a committed relationship lies the “situationship.” You know you’re an item, but what sort of ...

  • sad woman in bed

    What to Do When You've Been Ghosted

    If you’ve been ghosted, you know how painful it can be. Suddenly the relationship is over, and the person is nowhere to be found. Maybe ...

  • unhappy couple

    5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

    Even the best relationships have their tough moments. In my own life I’ve gone through hard times with my parents, brothers, and spouse ...

  • happy woman

    Single or 'Self-Partnered'? Why It Matters

    Being single doesn’t have to mean being partner-less—it can mean being “self-partnered.” That’s how Emma Watson described herself in a ...

  • depressed woman

    How to Recover From a Toxic Relationship

    Few things feel as freeing as leaving a truly toxic relationship. It’s such a relief to escape the constant criticism, continual conflict ...

  • irritated man sleeping next to woman snoring

    5 Signs a 'Sleep Divorce' Might Be Right for You

    Do you enjoy sleeping in the same bed with your significant other? Or have you considered sleeping in separate beds, also known as ...

  • sad woman in bed

    How to Recover From Gaslighting

    If you’ve experienced gaslighting, you know it can be very emotionally wounding. Gaslighters manipulate you in such a way that you ...

  • unhappy couple

    You May Have Toxic Behaviors You're Not Aware Of

    I often hear people point out someone else’s behavior as “toxic,” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “My behavior is ...


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