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  • big smile

    How to Spot Toxic Positivity

    Being around positive people can be uplifting, but there can be negative sides to positivity. Find out about six types of toxic positivity.

  • man emotionally struggling

    How to Survive 'Survival Mode'

    We go into survival mode when we feel like we’re barely making it. But, when being strategic about where we direct our resources, we may find ourselves feeling run down.

  • block print illustration handing off heart

    27 Ways to Show Love to Others While Social Distancing

    The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is a perfect opportunity to think about what we can do for others.

  • woman decorating for xmas

    'Early Christmas Decorating Makes You Happier' - Really?

    Early Christmas decorating seems to divide the country as starkly as politics or cilantro. (Full disclosure: I prefer to see—and hang ...

  • woman making loser sign

    Judging Others Hurts You

    Whether silently disapproving or openly criticizing, our instinct to judge other people rears its head in countless ways. Like me, you’ve ...

  • Young woman smelling lavendar

    5 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

    Do you ever get tired of being in your head? I know I do. Most of us go through our lives lost in our thoughts, which are rarely about ...

  • tidy closset

    The Mental Health Benefits of Tidying Up

    Marie Kondo has sparked a de-cluttering craze with her new Netflix show Tidying Up. And I’ll admit it—I’ve caught the bug. I felt an ...

  • woman thinking

    When You Feel Like Everything Is Going Wrong

    “Are you kidding me, what else can go wrong? Can things get any worse?” Most of us have probably said something like this at some point ...

  • colorful blocks representing brain

    Can Knowing Your Personality Type Make You Happier?

    You probably feel like you know yourself—how you tend to think, act, and feel in certain situations. You know that you prefer intimate ...

  • 650x350_shoulds

    How to Get Rid of the ‘Shoulds’

    The language we use can have powerful effects, and few words cause as much grief as “should.” How can a seemingly harmless six-letter word ...


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