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  • Man looking out at ocean

    Adjusting to Life With a Chronic Condition

    Like most people who have been relatively healthy all their lives, I never expected to end up with a chronic medical condition. But about five years ago my health took ...

  • photo of man in car yelling at pedestrian

    Don't Let Other People Ruin Your Day

    A therapist gives some tips for managing our feelings when someone is rude to us.

  • photo negative thinking concept

    How to Stop Catastrophizing

    All of us jump to the worst-case scenario at times. But if you find you are too often in the grips of catastrophic thinking, these approaches can help.

  • photo of men hugging

    How to Truly Forgive Someone

    Truly forgiving means we no longer hold the offense against a person who wronged us. But, forgiving in this way can be difficult.

  • illustration of woman meditating

    How to Start a Meditation Practice if You Hate Meditating

    If you’ve struggled with meditation but would like to give it another try, here are some tips that can make the practice more engaging.

  • big smile

    How to Spot Toxic Positivity

    Being around positive people can be uplifting, but there can be negative sides to positivity. Find out about six types of toxic positivity.

  • woman guilty illustration

    When You Feel Guilty About Exposing Others to COVID

    We can’t reverse the unintentional harm we cause. Love and connection, not guilt, will get us through this ongoing pandemic.

  • woman optimism future

    Giving Yourself Permission to Take Up Space

    Do you feel like you don’t belong even in familiar surroundings? Grant yourself permission to take up space and affirm your right to exist.

  • woman thinking on balcony

    What Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Revealing About You?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in uniquely personal ways, revealing our individual vulnerabilities. What is this crisis showing you about yourself?

  • list

    How to Make a Better To-Do List

    Like most people (including me), you probably rely on a list to keep track of tasks you need to complete. To-do lists can be incredibly ...


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