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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What is Flexion-Distraction?

Flexion-Distraction is a therapeutic technique used to treat people with a variety of pain syndromes that have not responded to other treatment approaches. Until recently, I never heard of this treatment option. This painless non-invasive procedure is performed using a special treatment table that allows the practitioner to gently stretch and bend the back in various directions while he/she adds gentle pressure to different parts of the spine. There are no jerking movements at all. The table moves in a smooth rhythmic fashion as the practitioner moves his/her hands into different positions.

Since I started receiving this treatment 3 times a week, I have noticed a significant improvement in comfort and mobility. In addition, the pain which often shot through my hips and into my legs has almost completely resolved. With the increased comfort and mobility has come a new sense of hope and I have to ask why this procedure was never recommended or tried during the 20+ years I have had back problems.

Because I was not familiar with Flexion-Distraction, I began reading about it. I visited a couple of websites (Dr. Mitchell and Drs. Jeff and Karen Pracella) that seem to do a nice job of describing the treatment and the uses and benefits of it.

Like anything, this treatment is not for everyone. And there is no guarantee as to if, when or how much a person may or may not improve by receiving it. However, I feel it is worth it to look at a variety of non-invasive alternatives and view them with an open mind. Attached are a couple of websites with some very good information about this non-invasive treatment option for people with pain syndromes.

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Posted by: Indie Cooper-Guzman at 9:00 am

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