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  • man on phone in pain

    Your Anger Could Be Making Your Pain Worse

    When you’re living with ongoing pain, there can be a lot of very sound reasons for being upset, frustrated, and downright ...

  • tired woman in pain

    Less Sleep Means More Pain

    Difficulty sleeping is a common source of frustration that I often hear from patients. While pain often causes insomnia, studies suggest that the reverse may be true as well ...

  • thinking man

    When Your Pain Is Disabling

    Pain can entirely change our lives. Ongoing pain problems can lead to disabilities like not being able to work, drive, or even maintain ...

  • depressed man

    When No One Believes You're In Pain

    As a pain specialist, I’ve learned that one of the most powerful things I can do when I meet a new patient is to provide a sense of ...

  • woman standing in the sun eyes closed

    Why You Need Hope

    “Is there hope?” is a question I hear often. One of my patients struggling with a low back injury recently mentioned that ...

  • woman smiling

    5 Ways to Boost Your Pain Management

    Right about now there is a good chance that you have been thinking about ways you might “hit the refresh button” on your pain management ...

  • woman looking through window

    When Chronic Pain Takes Away Your Life

    Pain changes us. The minute we start to hurt, we make adaptions to how we move, what we do, and where we go. When we keep re-organizing our ...

  • 650x350_worry-3

    How Past Trauma Can Affect How You Experience Pain

    Our experience of pain can have a lot to do with our past – especially when our past includes trauma. Research is showing us that the ...

  • 650x350_touch

    When It Hurts to Be Touched

    Our sense of touch is a fundamental part of the human experience. Being touched by others a powerful tool of communication, whether it is ...

  • 650x350_pain-flare-2

    5 Ways to Manage Pain Flare-Ups

    If you live with chronic pain, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to learn how to manage pain flare-ups. A pain ...


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  • Peter Abaci, MD

    Peter Abaci, MD

    Peter Abaci, MD, is one of the world’s leading experts on pain and integrative medicine and serves as the co-founder and Medical Director for the Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center. He is a dedicated healer, author, and radio celebrity. To learn more about Dr. Abaci, visit his website.