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  • struggling woman

    Using Psychology to Find Pain Relief

    Pain can upend every aspect of our lives, but there's a field of psychology that can help. Learn More.

  • woman home work pain

    How to Work From Home With Less Pain

    Taking a few minutes to fine-tune your work-from-home setup just might help prevent or diminish unwanted pain problems during the pandemic.

  • middle aged woman and child

    5 Things to Look for in a Pain Management Plan

    Pain can be a huge barrier to living a happy and fulfilling life. A pain expert gives tips for putting together a management plan that can help you thrive again.

  • overweight knee pain

    How Weight Loss Can Help With Pain Management

    Being overweight can have a significant impact on how we experience pain, but even modest weight loss can help turn things around.

  • art brain

    Could Looking at a Painting Improve Your Pain?

    Many experts believe the arts have the power to promote healing and a better sense of well-being, and when used in this context, it is often referred to as the healing arts.

  • injured man on computer

    Telehealth for Pain Management: A Doctor's Tips

    If you are interested in using telehealth to improve your pain management, here are some tips that may help.

  • woman holding her neck in pain

    Managing Chronic Pain When You're Stuck at Home

    If you are finding that being sequestered at home due to COVID-19 seems to be making your pain management all the more difficult, here is some food for thought to help you work through this time period.

  • Coronavirus

    How Chronic Pain Affects Your Immune System

    With so many questions popping up right now about the dangers of the coronavirus, you might be wondering how chronic pain might affect ...

  • Man doing yoga

    Can Yoga Ease Your Pain?

    Have a pain problem and wondering if yoga can help? I understand – not just as a doctor, but also as a patient. I took up yoga when I ...

  • Wrenches

    Why You Can't 'Fix' Your Pain

    As my patients can tell you, I’m a big fan of positive thinking. But there are times when an overly optimistic attitude or misguided belief ...


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  • Peter Abaci, MD

    Peter Abaci, MD

    Peter Abaci, MD, is one of the world’s leading experts on pain and integrative medicine and serves as the co-founder and Medical Director for the Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center. He is a dedicated healer, author, and radio celebrity. To learn more about Dr. Abaci, visit his website.