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    Best Beach Body

    A Sneak Peek at Dr. Peeke

    I had a blast writing the six week Back to the Beach campaign, culminating with a guy-post entitled Gut Check: A Man...A Belly...A Plan. For all of you men out there, look out. Based upon the terrific response I received, I'll be doing more posts dedicated to men's fitness and healthy lifestyle issues. This will also come in handy for women who want to forward the blog to the gutsy (ahem!!!) guy(s) in their life. While I was planning on the week five and six blog posts, I decided to do a little something different. Instead of having the WebMD team forage around for the usual stock photos of buff guys and toned gals, I decided to do an experiment. Sorry, but the scientist in me was curious to see what would happen if I used pics of real people-- myself and my hubby, Mark. During a summer vacation last year, my hubby snagged some random stranger to shoot our picture. I found the pics and decided to have some fun on the blog.

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    Gut Check: A Man... A Belly... A Plan

    Your Best Beach Body, Part Six

    Mark at Rehoboth Beach
    OK guys, it's your turn. This week, we're turning our attention to your six pack zone -- yes, it's in there somewhere. We're going to do guy level girth control so you can strut your stuff at the beach or poolside. And ladies, you might want to read this blog aloud to the guy(s) in your life for a reality check. Speaking of which, men stand up right now. Look straight down to the floor. Notice that belly bump that makes it mission impossible to see your feet? That's what I call BOB -- Belly Over Belt. Yep, and I'm noticing that most of you have a pretty healthy dose of BOB. Your poor belt is stretched to the max, as you cling to the last notch (now a mile wide), refusing to get the next size up. Guys, kick the denial and let's talk reality. We're going to bust your BOB and get this buffed bod show on the road.

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    Bye-Bye Belly Fat

    Pam Peeke, Rehobeth Beach
    Your Best Beach Body, Part Five Ever feel like every extra pound you pack on makes a beeline to your waistline? Try as you might, you can't seem to suck it in or zip it up enough to wear your skinny jeans or chic sheath without bulges of belly fat popping up. Sick and tired of these lumps and bumps encircling your waist? Desperate for some real girth control? Terrific. Because today, in week five of our Back to the Beach Body series, we're putting our collective feet down and declaring "The Muffin Top Stops Here!" In keeping with my Mind Mouth Muscle template for this campaign, let's launch right in with your mind by enlightening you about your abdomen. You can't just chaotically launch into a million crunches and think that's going to solve your jelly belly issues. You first need to know the "what's" and the "why's", then set up a game plan and power through with a "can do" attitude. Ready? OK, here we go.

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    Jiggle-Proof Your Arms

    Your Best Beach Body, Part Four Welcome to Week Four of our special Back to the Beach campaign. If you're just hopping on board right now, check out Weeks 1-3 here. May is over and and we're jumping into June. Many of you have already scheduled serious pool time along with seaside strolls on a great beach somewhere out there in America. This summer, I really want each and every one of you to look forward to enjoying your golden moments of sun and fun, but this time without the mental burden of feeling down about your body. As I've made clear in my earlier blogs, this back to the beach campaign is really a great excuse to pause, take a breath and regroup around how you're taking care of yourself right now. I want this to be a more holistic experience filled with ways to love yourself while you're making crucial life-giving changes to your physical self. Hey, whether it's at the beach or for any season of the year, honoring and respecting yourself mind, body and spirit is the name of the game.

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    Glorious Glutes for a Sunsational Summer

    Your Best Beach Body, Part Three Welcome to Week Three of our "Back to the Beach" six week campaign. If you've missed the first two weeks, or need a refresher, click here. We've begun our Beach Mind Beach Body journey, but this time with a mental and physical twist. Instead of obsessing about body parts, I'm asking you to engage your mind to see how your lifestyle behaviors are reflected in how you look and feel. If you do, you'll experience a royal win win -- by being more mindful of your body all day, your body will benefit by all of that attention. You'll look great and feel so much better. This week we'll use your beautiful behind as a case in point. Hey, call it what you want -- behind, booty, derriere -- those soft pillows of feminine flesh serve you well all day. They power you out of chairs, up the stairs and straighten you up after tying your sneakers. I'll bet you didn't know that the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. Keep in mind, that, like all other muscles, if you don't use it, you lose it. Simple routines that anyone can do will keep your rear end from sagging into those less than attractive rolls of bountiful butt straining your pant seams.

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    Ah Oh, the B word -- Bikini: Taming The Two Piece Trauma

    Your Best Beach Body, Part Two Oh dear. Mustering a mountain of courage, you've just barely squeezed into your bikini from last year. Gripped with terror and apprehension, you peer tentatively into the full length mirror in front of you and you're greeted by the bulging B's: breasts, bellies and buttocks. It's hard to make out the bikini waistband since it's buried under fluffy rolls of last month's mouth-watering indulgences and missed Zumba classes. In a word, "yikes". Now, before you launch into a tearful tirade or dig into a self-denigrating dialogue, STOP. Refer immediately to my week one blog, Beach Mind, Beach Body, in which you made a commitment to do something radically new --  stop beating yourself up. Look, it is what it is. It's your beginning bikini or one-piece point. We're going to start with a refreshing "I love myself and I'm here to do what it takes to make improvements to the body I love". There, feel better? Play Patti LaBelle's New Attitude in the background as you indulge in a mile-wide smile and learn how to tame the one or two piece trauma that rears its ugly head every spring. Did you know that one survey found that over one-third of women find bathing suit season so upsetting that they refuse to wear one in public? No more! Repeat after me, "Enough! I'm going to enjoy this spring and summer. It's time to bare the body!". Week two is about launching into your best beach mind and beach body shape.

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    Beach Mind, Beach Body

    solitary woman sitting on the beach
    Photo: iStockphoto
    Your Best Beach Body, Part One Everyone take a deep breath. It's May and this year we're going to approach the BB (beach body) issue differently. Instead of horrified cries of: "OMG I...
    a)    Should have stuck with my New Year's resolutions, which were last New Year's resolutions, which were the year before resolutions... b)    Can't look in a full length mirror naked without conjuring up visions of the latest episode of Heavy; c)    Am facing another spring and summer wearing dark hide-it clothes; d)    Will withdraw from fun social events, skipping the pool or the beach; e)   Will spend another year hating my body and myself."
    You're now going to hear: "Hey, OK I need to work on my body. But, I'm ready and willing to do the work. I love myself and want to take care of this precious body that I'm so grateful for. I know I can do this." Alright, it's official. We're done with the negative and hopeless attitudes once and for all. I've got a better way to help you achieve a healthier, more fit mind and body. It's finally time you got to enjoy the warm winds, sunny skies, sandy beaches and tons of pool time. So, let's get started.

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