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    Make the Mental Fat-Body Fat Connection

    How many times have you sat there and said to yourself, "I'm a smart person and I have accomplished so much in my life. So why am I such a miserable failure at dropping this weight? What the heck am I missing?" I've had legions of patients come to see me, frustrated to the point of serious angst, and desperate to understand why they seem to start out so well on that weight loss journey and then backslide big time. After years of helping people achieve their optimal and healthy weight goals, I'd like to shed a little of my wisdom to solve this problem. Something I have noted again and again in my books, columns and media interviews is one of my favorite Peeke Principles:

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    Shed Your Saddlebags

    One moment we're just boys and girls romping in a play yard. Skinny, straight-up-and-down androgynous bodies rolling and jumping in pure glee. And in a flash, that kid becomes an adolescent. While the boys usually morph into taller, leaner, muscular warriors complete with six pack abs, girls transform from tomboy toothpicks to curvy young women. Fat deposits gift each woman with breasts, as well as hips, thighs and buttocks. These bountiful curves arm women with precious fat supplies to support reproduction.

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    Melt Your Muffin Top and Minimize Your Menopot

    pot belly
    For the uninitiated, you can learn what a Muffin Top is by squeezing into your current pair of breathing-is-optional jeans, zip up and look in the mirror. Yep, like the top of a muffin rising from its paper wrapper, your rolls of fat are spilling over the top of the pants. Oprah coined the term "Dunlap Syndrome" --  "That's when your stomach done lap over your jeans". Where is this extra flab coming from?

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    Bra Bulge Be Gone!

    back fat
    There you are standing in the dressing room getting ready to try on that hot new form-fitting cotton tank top you want to wear to your first outdoor spring party. Excited, you whip off your oversized end-of-winter T shirt, and dive into the tank, pulling it down over your jeans. As you twirl in front of the mirror, instead of gleeful exuberance, you gasp and let out a stifled scream. "On no ... you’ve got a major case of bra bulge!"

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    Bye-Bye Bat Wings!

    Do you have a problem with bat wings? Let's put the knife down and get a great set of upper arms the right way. We'll train and transform those troublesome triceps.

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