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  • blood on finger

    'How Can You Find Out Your Blood Type?'

    When it comes to COVID-19, knowing your blood type might give you a little more insight about your risk.

  • headache

    'Is Headache a Symptom of COVID-19?'

    Headache certainly can be a symptom of COVID-19 – but also approximately eleven-million other health conditions.

  • woman headache

    When Should I Get Tested for COVID-19?

    Not sure if you should be tested for COVID-19? Don’t try to self-diagnose. If you’ve got a fever and other symptoms, call your healthcare provider and let them take it from there.

  • photo of swab test

    Does a COVID-19 Test Hurt?

    If you’ve seen news footage of people being tested for COVID-19 by having a long swab shoved up their nose, you might rightly wonder if that process hurts.

  • man driving mask

    Do I Need to Wear a Mask in My Car?

    You don’t need to wear a face covering in the car if you're alone, but you may find yourself in other situations that make wearing a mask while driving a good idea.

  • photo of wine

    Can Drinking Alcohol Kill Germs?

    If you’re thinking you can vanquish the coronavirus by throwing back a couple of margaritas every day, I’m afraid I have bad news: drinking alcohol does not kill germs inside your body.

  • beach hat glasses summer

    Can You Go in the Sun with Shingles?

    Is it OK to go in the sun if you have shingles? The answer is “yes and no.” Find out why.

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  • Frieda Wiley

    Frieda Wiley, PharmD, RPh

    Frieda Wiley, PharmD, RPh, is a clinical pharmacist, contract medical writer, and consultant. She has numerous publications to her credit, including O! The Oprah Magazine, Arthritis Today, US News & World Report, Everyday Health, and Costco Connection. To read more about Frieda, visit her website, or follow her on Twitter.