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  • soccer ball covid

    'Can COVID Live on Sports Equipment?'

    Soccer practice has ended, and you’re tossing the kids’ ball into your SUV when a thought hits you: Could we catch COVID-19 from this thing?

  • hugging with mask

    'How Dangerous Is Hugging During COVID?'

    Some experts say that hugging is not very risky if you do it right. Learn a technique to keep the situation as safe as possible.

  • washing machine

    'Does Cleaning in a Washing Machine Kill COVID?'

    We’ve all been told to disinfect our household surfaces with special cleaners to help kill coronavirus germs. But what about laundry?

  • friends sharing food

    'Can I Get COVID From Sharing Food (or Drinks)?'

    One of the joys of eating at a restaurant (outdoors, of course) is sharing an appetizer with your dining partner. But should you?

  • couple kissing

    'Can You Get COVID From Kissing?'

    Quarantining with your sweetie offers a lot more opportunity for kissing – but with COVID numbers rising, you may be wondering if it's really safe.

  • vaccine

    'Should I Get a Flu Shot During the Pandemic?'

    This year, with COVID-19 in full swing, you might be wondering: Should I really go out and get a flu shot?

  • brushing hair

    'Can COVID Live on Hair?'

    Any virus – including SARS-CoV-2 – can cling to human hair. But is it enough to make you sick?

  • friends outside restaurant selfie

    'Can You Catch COVID Outside?'

    Getting together with friends and family in small outdoor gatherings can cure our collective yearning for social contact. But is it safe?

  • hand santizer car

    'Can I Leave Hand Sanitizer in a Hot Car?'

    Hand sanitizer can help stop the spread of coronavirus, so it’s good to have it with you everywhere you go. But, is it safe to leave a bottle of it in your car?

  • gaiter 2

    'Can I Wear a Gaiter Instead of a Mask?'

    A gaiter is a tube of fabric that fits around the neck. Now people also are wearing them as a face covering for COVID-19 – but do they work?


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    Frieda Wiley, PharmD, RPh

    Frieda Wiley, PharmD, RPh, is a clinical pharmacist, contract medical writer, and consultant. She has numerous publications to her credit, including O! The Oprah Magazine, Arthritis Today, US News & World Report, Everyday Health, and Costco Connection. To read more about Frieda, visit her website, or follow her on Twitter.