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  • arguing couple

    When You and Your Partner Deal With Problems Differently

    You’re frustrated with the way your partner deals with relationship issues. Maybe they ignore problems (which just makes things worse) ...

  • sad woman being blamed

    How to Make Peace With Your Inner Critic

    Though many of us jokingly put ourselves down (and many comedians have a made a career of it), being self-critical is no laughing matter ...

  • 650x350_Insecure

    5 Signs They Won't Commit

    There comes a point in your relationship when you want a commitment. Hopefully, you and your partner reach that point at the same time ...

  • sad woman illustration

    Stop Making the Same Relationship Mistakes

    Have you noticed how you leave one bad relationship only to find yourself repeating the same patterns in your next one? You’re not alone ...

  • couple holding hands

    How to Help Your Insecure Partner

    No matter how you try, you can’t seem to convince your partner that you’re committed to them. Maybe your partner is clingy, or jealous ...

  • giving love

    Do You Really Have to Love Yourself Before You Can Love Someone Else?

    Do you need to love yourself before you can love someone else? Though conventional wisdom says yes, the real answer is much more ...

  • unhappy couple

    When You and Your Partner Disagree

    You love each other, but disagreements can drive a wedge between you. You turn from caring partners to tense rivals. As you each focus ...

  • woman sitting on bed

    When You're in an Affair

    You are in an affair. Maybe you tell yourself that you didn’t mean for it to happen; regardless, you’re now in a messy situation with ...

  • couple eating ice cream

    Let Them See the Real You

    When someone catches your eye, you might try to get their attention by playing up your physical attributes or turning on the charm. A coy ...

  • unhappy couple

    7 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

    Abusive relationships aren’t just about physical violence. Abuse comes in many forms – emotional, psychological, sexual. And, though ...


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  • Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

    Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

    Dr. Becker-Phelps is a licensed psychologist in NJ and NY, and is on staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Somerset. She is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotionally and psychologically healthy. She accomplishes this through her work as a psychotherapist, speaker and writer. She is the author of Bouncing Back from Rejection and Insecure in Love .