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    When Your Partner Is Dismissive

    Feeling that your partner truly listens to you is essential for a healthy relationship. So, when your partner seems to dismiss your …

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    When Is It Time to End a Friendship?

    You and your friend have enjoyed some great times together, but there’s growing distance in your friendship, maybe even tension. Sometimes ...

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    6 Tips for Managing Family and Friends During the Holidays

    Feel the stress of the holidays yet? If not, consider yourself lucky ... and prepare for the tension yet to come. While you might look forward ...

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    How to Get to the Root of Your Arguments

    Every couple has disagreements – from squabbles about leaving dirty socks on the floor to battles over spending too much money. Frequently, ...

  • mother and teen daughter

    How to Be a Good Parent to a Teenager

    If you have a teenager at home, you may, like many parents, be praying to survive these tumultuous years. I recently listened to an ...

  • 650x350_Hope-for-an-Abusive-Relationship

    Asking ‘Why’ Just Keeps You Stuck – What to Ask Yourself Instead

    When you’re dealing with emotional struggles, your first instinct might be to ask yourself “why” questions – but those will usually get you ...

  • man and woman with crossed arms

    How to Work on Relationship Problems

    You hate that feeling of tension between you and your partner. Maybe you argue, or maybe you shut down, creating a silent divide. Of ...

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    How to Have a Balanced Response When Emotions Are High

    We’ve all had moments when we’re just too emotional to think straight. Whether we’re feeling the bliss of new love, or the anger of ...

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    How to Handle Toxic In-Laws

    No matter how difficult your in-laws are, they’re still your spouse’s parents. Whether their bad behavior is aimed at you or your spouse ...

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    5 Signs That You’re Angry

    Anger is a feeling that most people would prefer not to have, and so they sometimes don’t recognize it in themselves – even when it is ...


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  • Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

    Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

    Dr. Becker-Phelps is a well-respected psychologist, who is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotionally and psychologically healthy. She accomplishes this through her work as a psychotherapist, speaker and writer. She is the author of the book Insecure in Love.