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  • friends hugging

    Why You Need to Choose Your Friends Wisely

    Our interactions with other people can have an influence on us – even the interactions that seem insignificant in the moment. Something ...

  • friends working out

    This Simple Shift in Thinking May Help You Make Healthy Changes

    If you have ever tried to make healthier lifestyle choices, then you’ve probably learned that you resist change despite the best of ...

  • 650x350_anger

    How to Stop Having Angry Outbursts

    Like an unseen landmine, your anger can seem to explode out of nowhere. Someone says or does something and BAM, you lose it. While it ...

  • hikers in snowy mountains

    How to Keep Going When Life Is Hard

    Sometimes, the obstacles, stresses, and calamities of life can weigh you down, making it difficult to move forward. In these times ...

  • woman with arms raised

    Why You Should Embrace Your Good Qualities

    Do you feel uneasy focusing on your accomplishments? If you do, you are not alone. Like many people, you may shy away from thinking ...

  • woman and man smiling

    How Your Self-Improvement Goals Could Affect Your Relationship

    You’ve decided to make a change – maybe it’s taking off a few inches from your waistline, engaging more enthusiastically in the life you ...

  • 650x350_circles

    How to Stop Going in Circles

    There are times when we seem to have lost our way – when we feel like we’re going nowhere or just moving in circles. How do you get back on ...

  • 650x350_wronged

    When You’ve Been Wronged

    You are seething ... and for good reason. You were unfairly fired from your job. Your spouse ran off with someone else. Or maybe you were ...

  • 650x350_childless

    4 Ways to Improve Your Communication

    Whether you realize it or not, you say a lot without even speaking a word. People often understand your intent and have a reaction to you ...

  • 650x350_fun-3

    Why You Need to Have More Fun

    You’ve probably heard that self-care is important – that you need to take time for yourself and do things that nurture your body and mind. ...


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  • Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

    Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

    Dr. Becker-Phelps is a well-respected psychologist, who is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotionally and psychologically healthy. She accomplishes this through her work as a psychotherapist, speaker and writer. She is the author of the book Insecure in Love.