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    Better Sex with a Better Mattress

    If you could make a mattress that guaranteed better sex, you’d be in business. And what a great selling point.

    The mattresses industry is fiercely competitive, and if you’ve ever gone through the experience of shopping for a new mattress, with so many brands (and types) to choose from, how can you discern the good from the bad?

    Well, leave it to the pros in the bed industry to time this survey right: this week when Valentine’s Day hits, you might hear about a new survey reporting that innerspring mattresses make love go round.

    That’s right: the bedding industry’s leading spring producer–Leggett and Platt–have just conducted a survey of more than 1,000 Americans in committed relationships. Both men and women responding rated an innerspring mattress as the best sleep surface for sex, as opposed to foam or an air bed.

    FYI: Leggett and Platt manufacture component parts that go into the making of beds; the company just introduced its Starry Night Sleep Technology–a high-tech bed that includes devices to monitor sleep, detect and prevent snoring via tilting action, heating and cooling elements, and even a means to project high-def images on a wall screen. The price? Between ,000 and ,000. Not sure if it’s ideal for love-making, though.

    The innerspring mattress is the most common mattress sold today. It’s the kind with the coily springs in the middle–the types kids like to jump on because of the “bounce back.” Thanks to that famous bounce back, 68 percent of respondents prefer an innerspring for sex, whereas 25 percent prefer foam and only a scant 7 percent point to air (sorry, but this begs the question: how many people have lots of experience with sex on an air mattress?)

    The best part of the survey is it also found that most respondents believe that more sleep would be the best way to boost their sex lives. Duh! In fact, 54 percent of the men and 67 percent of the women agree that more sleep could invigorate their lusty lives. No one will argue that sleep deprivation robs one of the interest, drive for, and enjoyment in sex. So is the combination of an innerspring mattress and restful sleep the new Viagra? Maybe. But what gives the mattress-sleep combo a bigger punch is that it won’t keep you awake longer than necessary. Sex, after all, can be a great way to prepare for sound sleep. Anecdotal evidence alone says it acts like a sedative in most people–especially men.

    Selecting a mattress is a personal choice. (I go into great detail about mattresses in my book, Beauty Sleep, if you need a roadmap.) Go with what your body tells you when you test out the different types and brands in stores. Just don’t try to get it on while shopping. And don’t judge a mattress by its name, celebrity endorsement, use your gut, er, your sexual instincts.

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