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    Are Fad Diets Worth the Risk?

     Some weight loss plans skyrocket to popularity overnight, and while your doctor may be warning you against them you find the pounds are melting away.

    We tend to flock to diets that promise quick weight loss or less hunger. We read articles promoting the plans, and hear testimonies from our friends and other successful dieters. It all sounds so good, so easy, so doable. However, our doctors tell us to steer clear of so-called fad diets and stick to the slow and steady path of “eat less, exercise more.”

    Many of us ignore the doctor’s advice and try the latest diet anyway. But, how safe are some of these quick weight loss plans?

    The Detox Diet, which has become very popular, sparked a member from our Diet Community to ask if cleansing diets really work and if they are safe for weight loss. And, while the Dukan Diet, which many are calling the “French Atkins” diet, boasts instant weight loss and lifelong weight maintenance, experts say that the Dukan Diet does not include all the nutrients you need for good health.

    Experts also warn us that the popular HCG Diet is a scam and to be careful using the HCG hormone for weight loss, but the community has mixed emotions about this and other fad diets.

    Do you think the risks of some of these popular diets override the benefits of losing those extra pounds? Tell us what you think.  

    By Coree Silvera

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