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  • pregnancy test holding

    Feel Pregnant but the Pregnancy Test is Negative?

    There are many possible causes for a missed period, which can have similar symptoms to pregnancy. So how can you tell what’s really going on?

  • woman with cramps

    Natural Ways to Ease PMS

    I’ve yet to meet a woman who enjoys being on her period or experiencing the lovely mood changes that often come with it. Many women ...

  • Woman holding tampon

    How to Not Have a Period

    The beach vacation you have been looking forward to for months. The 22 hour plane ride to Tokyo. Your honeymoon. What do these things ...

  • tampon

    ‘Free Bleeding’: A Gynecologist Weighs In

    I have run enough marathons that seeing people poop their pants in the last miles of the race is no big deal. I also know women who have …

  • 650x350_The-Pill

    What to Expect When You Stop ‘The Pill’

    There are thousands of prescription medications, but when someone talks about “the pill,” you know what she means: the birth control pill. ...

  • 650x350_tampons

    How Well Do You Know Your Tampon?

    My first period came when I was 13 years old. It is a day I will remember forever –not because it made me finally feel like a woman, but ...

  • 650x350_Fibroids

    Could You Have Fibroids and Not Know?

    My first patient this morning, a normally chipper young lady, greeted me with a somber nod. When I asked what was wrong, she took a deep ...

  • 650x350_The-Pill

    All About ‘The Pill’

    Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, I’m always amused by the obnoxious medical headlines on women’s magazines. Today it was ...

  • 650x350_painful-period

    What Can I Do About My Period Cramps?

    50% of all women will experience menstrual cramps at some point in their life. Which is a nice medical way of saying that half of you have ...

  • 650x350_libido-2

    I Have No Sex Drive – Could It Be My Hormones?

    In the office this week I saw a frazzled soccer mom, a newlywed, an executive empty nester and a marathoner all with the same symptom: low ...


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  • Heather Rupe, DO

    Heather Rupe, DO

    Heather Rupe, DO, is a board-certified OB/GYN in private practice in Franklin, TN, and serves as the vice chief of staff at Williamson Medical Center. She is the co-author of The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey to Motherhood and The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey through Baby’s First Year.